Residents to choose the name of the Tomsk airport

17 октября, 10:28

Russia has launched its nation-wide project “The great names of Russia”, during which 45 Russian airports, including the one in Tomsk, will be named after prominent compatriots.

The idea of the project was proposed by renowned public organizations Russian Geographical Society, Russian Historical Society, Russian Military History Society and the Russian Philology Society. The Public Chamber has supported the initiative and acts as the project operator. In the Tomsk region, the project is coordinated by the regional Public Chamber.

“The aim of the project is to gain public recognition, glorify our prominent compatriots, immortalize their memory”, said Evgeniy Choynzonov, Chairman of the regional Public Chamber, today on October 15 during the press-conference dedicated to the launch of the project in the Tomsk region. He also noted that the names will be selected in course of a public vote, so the residents of the Tomsk region will get to choose the name which is worthy of being displayed at the front of the Tomsk airport.

Evgeniy Choynzonov added that would-be immortalized names should include renowned compatriots who greatly contributed to the development and the formation of Russia, including those known worldwide. That being said, no names of politicians over the last one hundred years are allowed for the purpose. The priority criterion for proposing a name in the region is a historical connection to this area. The project will get implemented in four stages. During the first one, October 15 – 21, the regional Public Chamber will form and discuss the long-list of names for the Tomsk airport that will be published on the project website Великиеимена.рф (The Great names of Russia) and The Public Chamber of Russia website. During the second stage, October 22 – 28, an all-Russian list of contenders will be drawn. During this stage, all residents of Russia and the Tomsk region will be able to suggest their own candidates. The Tomsk residents can do it on the website Великиеимена.рф (The Great names of Russia). The names that get more than 500 votes, will be added to the long-list of the contest.

After that, following the results of the all-Russian poll, three leaders will be shortlisted for each airport.

During November 8 – 30, the final opinion poll will take place with the following guideline “One vote, one airport, one name”. One can cast their vote on the website Великиеимена.рф (The Great names of Russia), on social networks (Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki), in airports and on-board Aeroflot aircraft. One can also vote over the phone, using hot line 8-800-707-93-17 or send an SMS to a short code.

In addition to that at the venue of the Tomsk region Public Chamber (Room 1, 6-a Lenina Square, Tomsk) a regional front office of the project will operate, where everyone willing may fill-in the questionnaires for the vote. In Tomsk, Seversk and the Tomsk airport, the volunteers from all-Russian public volunteer organization Volunteers of Victory will hand-out the questionnaires.

The results will be drawn on December 5, and the selected names to be given to 45 Russian airports will be announced. After that, the regions will begin to redesign their airports accordingly.

Roman Frolenko, Director of the Tomsk airport, noted that assigning a name to the airport does not mean a legal change of name. The new name will simply supplement the existing one. “The naming of an airport will not cause a change of its international code and will not require budgetary money or big costs to make the banner and internal branding” he pointed out. “The name of our compatriot that the residents of our region will select and their biography will become the basis of conceptual design for the front side and the interior of the passenger terminal of the Tomsk airport. It is an important image-related component that the airport will be able to use when communicating with the passengers.”

Naming airports after renowned compatriots is a global trend. As on today, circa two hundred airports all over the world bear the names of people who have greatly contributed to the development and the formation of their country. In Russia, the tradition to name airports after renowned people is just forming – there are only several cases. The Kemerovo airport bears the name of Alexey Leonov, the one in Rostov-on-Don is named after a Cossack ataman Matvey Platov, the new airport in Saratov is named after Yuriy Gagarin.

Published:2018-10-17 10:28 | Updated:2018-10-17 10:29
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