Governor Sergey Zhvachkin congratulated Taisiya Puchkova, Hero of Socialist Labor on her anniversary

19 сентября, 14:36

Taisiya Puchkova was born and lived her entire life in the village of Beryozkino, Tomsk area. After graduating from school, she worked as calf-woman and later as milkmaid on state farm Rybalovskiy, but most of her life she worked on state farm Oktyabr.

In his congratulation, the head of the region noted that Taisiya dedicated almost 40 years to Tomsk village.

“You record milk yield was known far beyond the farm. You were one of the most famous milkmaids in our region. Your selfless labor, your endless professionalism and optimism became an example for all future generations,” Governor Sergey Zhvachkin said.

In 1989-1990, when mean milk yield in the Tomsk region was around 3.2-3.3 thousand kilograms, milkmaid Puchkova set a record of 5.8 thousand.

Taisiya Puchkova raised three children; she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This summer the Puchkovs celebrated their golden wedding. In retirement, the Hero of the Socialist Labor continues her farm work; she has cows and works in her garden.

Published:2018-09-19 14:36 | Updated:2018-09-19 14:36
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