U-NOVUS participants to find solutions for implementation of precision farming

19 сентября, 14:32

On October 11-13 within the frameworks of the forum of new solutions U-NOVUS a workshop “Implementation of precision farming technology to minimize losses” will take place. The main organizer is Cognitive Technologies.

The main purpose of the workshop is to unite the interests of different companies and organizations around the design of a pilot site to test self-driving transport, elaborate technology solutions and estimate their impact on business processes in agriculture, logistics and freight traffic. It is also suggested to form alliances of technology companies, participants of the agricultural market, and transportation companies to launch such pilot sites.

In course of three days, the workshop participants will review the transportation and logistics processes, identify prospective areas and business processes suitable for optimization with self-driving systems. The participants will also identify the requirements to the pilot sites and areas to be deployed in the Tomsk region, and develop a project that will describe the overview, pace of implementation and the economic effect of implementing self-driving systems of elements thereof.

It is expected that the workshop will produce a map of business objectives in agriculture, freight traffic, petroleum industry, a design of the pilot site, implementation scenarios for new technology solutions and products, as well as form alliances of interested companies.

The organizers invite agricultural companies of the Tomsk region to participate in the workshop.

Cognitive Technologies was created on the basis of the Institute for System Analysis RAS in 1993. The company does research and development in prospective areas of artificial intelligence, develops artificial intelligence systems for self-driving cars. As of today, Cognitive Technologies is the only company in Russia to successfully enter the global market of self-driving vehicles and supply its products to world’s largest car manufacturers and car components manufacturers.

Published:2018-09-19 14:32 | Updated:2018-09-19 14:34
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