The automated farm in the Tomsk region is among 10 best European farms

13 сентября, 10:08

This was the evaluation given by an international expert, the founder of CowSignals Training, Doctor of veterinary medicine Joep Driessen at the end of a training seminar held in the dairy complex in the Yagodnoye settlement of Asino area.

Upon the invitation from Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor on agricultural policy and the use of natural resources, that he had expressed during the visit of the Tomsk delegation to the Netherlands in 2017, the expert visited the Tomsk region. Joep Driessen is a world-renowned guru in dairy farming. His trainings are aimed at increasing milk yield and are very popular and well known in as much as 70 countries.

The training course titled CowSignals is the product of Joep Driessen’s team, which includes over 600 certified coaches, veterinarians and herd reproduction specialists.

Over 200 young specialists of dairy complexes, farmers, and students of agricultural colleges and universities completed the training in the Tomsk region. The world expert shared his secrets on how to rear calves, organize stalls for heifers and cows, productively inseminate various groups of animals, taught to identify different signals of the herd and spoke about organizing an efficient management of a contemporary dairy facility.

The practical part was held in the new training center for dairy farming in the settlement of Yagodnoye, Asino area, where the expert noted a high level of technology and equipment.

“I am impressed. We have held a productive seminar on the farm and saw many positive things,” Joep Driessen commented. “The farm has excellent production organization, a lot of light, air, good air conditioning. I liked the place for first-calf heifers and calves, and the automated cow barn is virtually perfect. The people that work here really glow with enthusiasm, and I believe that the Sibirskoye Moloko farm is among top-10 European farms”.

The Tomsk region administration intends to continue cooperation with Joep Driessen. In March 2019, he plans to hold a seminar for the workers of veterinarian and livestock departments of agricultural organizations. Another objective is to train coaches who will train agricultural producers of the region in the CowSignals program.

“The possibility to cooperate with highest class world experts demonstrates the growing quality of Tomsk cattle farming and opens completely new prospects for our specialists,” said Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor on agricultural policy and the use of natural resources.

Published:2018-09-13 10:08 | Updated:2018-09-13 10:09
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