Russian and international teams to take part in U-NOVUS-2018, a forum for new solutions

28 августа, 15:42

The forum is to take place in Tomsk on October 10-13 under the slogan of “Forum for new solutions” within the federal initiative to pilot-test the model of a look-ahead region in the Tomsk region stipulated by the Strategy for Scientific and Technology Development of Russia (SSTD).

In 2018, the annual forum U-NOVUS will change its format from traditional discussions to joint work with workshops and design-sessions.

The new format will be hosted by large companies. They will provide cases in new technology domains that the participants from hi-tech business, scientists and developers will be jointly solving over three days. The forum participants will be able to join work teams, clubs and consortiums that are working over the implementation of the new agenda of SSTD and the program titled Digital Economy of Russia.

Strategic partners of the Tomsk region – companies that operate in petrochemical, nuclear, energy and petroleum sectors – supported the new format and expressed their readiness to participate in the forum.

The deliverables will be in the form of specific solutions for the region and its industrial partners. The work teams will present the results of workshops to the management of large companies, ministries and the Governor of the Tomsk region during the final plenary session on October 12.

The workshops welcome the employees of technology companies, universities, scientific organizations, development institutions, postgraduate students and young scientists, participants of educational programs of Quantorium (children’s technology park), Sirius educational center, participants of the National Technology Initiative contest.

Published:2018-08-28 15:42 | Updated:2018-08-28 15:43
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