Most Graduates with 100 Points Opt for Tomsk Universities

31 июля, 10:58

Lyudmila Ogorodova, Deputy Governor for research and education, shared this information at the award ceremony for students of 11th grade, who scored 100 points in Unified State Exam (USE), and for 2018 National School Olympiad winners.

Congratulating the graduates, she added that the universities put a lot of effort in career guidance to help prospective students decide on their future occupation, and wished that the graduates stay in Tomsk region for their higher education or return to Tomsk region after completion of their education in other regions.  

«We hope that the 52 graduates, who scored 100 points in USE this year, will choose universities of Tomsk in the first place. As of today, around 40 people have already done so. Among them there is a graduate who scored 100 points in 3 subjects – Russian language, Physics and Computer Science, and 92 points in the 4th subject (Mathematics). This is the best result in Tomsk region in the last 5 years, - Lyudmila Ogorodova mentioned in her speech. – Please, remember that Tomsk is a solid starting ground for any kind of personal and career development for a citizen of Russia».  

Additionally, four students of 11th grade scored 100 points in two USE subjects. All of them received medals, honorary diplomas and certificates for a money reward.

Published:2018-07-31 10:58 | Updated:2018-07-31 10:59
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