Tomsk Governor Opens First Flight to Novy Vasyugan in 25 Years

31 июля, 10:57

On July, 9th, Tomsk region Governor Sergey Zhvachkin opened a new flight destination Kargasok - Novy Vasyugan – Tomsk, by taking part in technical flight Kargasok - Novy Vasyugan and Novy Vasyugan – Tomsk, operated by SiLA airlines.

The flight from Kargasok to Novy Vasyugan at an altitude of 3300 meters took 55 minutes, whereas the flight from Novy vasyugan to Tomsk lasted 2 hours.

«Today we reopen the flight to Novy Vasyugan that has been discontinued for 24 years. I congratulate you on this landmark event! – Tomsk Governor Sergey Zhvachkin said.

According to general director of SiLA airlines Anrey Bogdanov, weekly flights Novy Vasyugan – Kargasok – Tomsk will start already in July per agreement with the Governor. In case of high demand and if all 15 seats of propeller plane AN-28 are filled, the flight carrier is ready to make the flights more frequent. With 50% regional subsidy, the price of the ticket for the whole trip is 7 thousand rubles. Before this flight appeared, Novy Vasyugan residents had to travel to Tomsk by river or by snow road. A helicopter flight to a halfway point, Kargasok, costs around 9 thousand rubles.  

«We are consistently restoring local airplane routes in the region, - Sergey Zhvachkin emphasized. Last year we opened a flight to Kargasok, this year – to Novy Vasyugan, and we will definitely open more flights to other settlements next year».

Deputy Governors Igor Shaturnyi, Anatolyi Rozhkov and Evgenyi Parshuto took part in this working trip together with the head of the region.

Published:2018-07-31 10:57 | Updated:2018-07-31 10:58
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