The Tomsk region and RFBR will cooperate on the activities under “INO Tomsk”

28 июня, 10:18

The Tomsk Region Administration and the Russian Fund for Basic Research (RFBR) intend to create an efficient model to convert scientific knowledge into technology-oriented research, primarily for the activities under the frameworks of “INO Tomsk” concept.

“Despite doubling the financing from RFBR last year, the contest to obtain the funds in the Tomsk region was very tough – more than six applications per grant. About 40% came from young scientists which is very important because young researchers have little experience and mechanisms of interacting with the market,” said Lyudmila Ogorodova, Deputy Governor for science and education.

Most of the submitted applications for funding (over 50%) are related to smart digital industrial technology. Second most popular – personalized medicine. The leading university in terms of applications was the Tomsk state university.

“Over the twenty years of cooperation on projects supported by RFBR in the Tomsk region, over 20 thousands researchers took part. The Fund has contracts with scientific funds of almost every country of the world, and this solid network enables the cooperation with other nations in various fields of science,” Lyudmila Ogorodova added.

The Deputy Governor stressed that in cooperation with RFBR, the priority is given to those activities that are included in the “INO Tomsk” concept. Moreover, the region intends to be one of the first applicants of the Fund’s contest in multidisciplinary research. This topic will be discussed at the II All-Russian Research and Practice Conference “Improvement of the interaction system of RFBR and constituent entities of Russia on holding regional and youth contests” which begins in Tomsk on June 22.

Published:2018-06-28 10:18 | Updated:2018-08-03 13:50
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