Digital Broadcasting Switchover in Tomsk Region on 1 January 2019

28 июня, 10:13

Deputy Governor for area development Anatolyi Rozhkov discussed preparation of municipalities to switch over to digital broadcasting in a video-conference meeting with heads of the districts and towns of Tomsk Region on June, 15.

«Federal Targeted Program of television and radio broadcasting development has reached its final stage of implementation in Tomsk Region: the technical part is prepared, and the trial period is successfully completed in the whole region. Now we need to place greater focus on providing access to digital television  to all citizens, regardless of their place of residence, technical conditions and financial means», — Vice-governor Anatolyi Rozhkov said.

According to Vladimir Yurshin, Director of the Regional Radio and TV Transmitting Center (which is a sole regional operator of the project), 35 radio and TV transmitting stations have been built to archive that goal.

«Digital signal of the first multiplex (10 national channel) is available in all areas of the region, citizens residing in the cities with population over 100 thousand people – which is Tomsk – also have access to the second multiplex (another 10 channels), - Vladimir Yurshin stated.

He also added that the second multiplex would be potentially available in municipalities in the future.

Deputy Governor Anatolyi Rozhkov recommended that the Heads of the districts and cities actively inform the population about the digital switchover and analog shutdown, whereas the specialists from the Regional Radio and TV Transmitting Center should be invited to citizens meetings dedicated to this issue. 

«Technical questions are inevitable, for instance, not everyone knows how to set their TV to receive digital signal or to check whether appliances support new video format, - Deputy Governor noted. – Some people are watching the channels in digital quality already, some need to install a special digital converter unit».

Anatolyi Rozhkov noted that regional authorities would help certain categories of citizens to purchase the equipment for digital reception via social security authorities.  

You can receive detailed information about digital broadcasting in FGUP RTRS consultation center of Tomsk Regional Radio and TV Transmitting branch located at: Tomsk, Bolnichnaya street, 11-a, telephone (3822) 705-068.  

Construction of digital television network in Tomsk region is being implemented within the framework of the Federal Target Program. Scheduled completion date is 1 January 2019.  It is expected that digital television broadcasting will be transmitted in DVB-T2 standard with MPEG-4 compression from that point on. Such digital signal can be received using a regular antenna; however, not all TV-sets are fit to render it. Hence to receive digital broadcasting one needs to use TV-sets supporting DVB-T2, MPEG-4 standards, or a digital TV digital converter box to process the signal.

Published:2018-06-28 10:13 | Updated:2018-06-28 10:14
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