Vietnamese Schoolchildren Take Part In Intellectual Game in «Quantorium»

28 июня, 10:11

An intellectual game for Vietnamese schoolchildren and students of Lyceum of Humanities took place in Children’s Technological Park «Quantorium».

The students contended in a scientific battle held in English. In the beginning, the contestants split into 5 teams (3 representatives of Vietnam and 2 Tomsk students in each team). The questions were from various sciences.  The teams would discuss them and write down their answers on flipcharts. It was important not only to give a correct answer, but also to do it faster than competitors.

Quantorium International project, implemented in Children’s Technological Park, is aimed at creating international environment for younger people in Tomsk, as well as active interaction of Quantorium students and schoolchildren from abroad. The visitors have not only taken part in the intellectual game, but have also learned about technological park and its teachers and have seen state-of-the-art equipment

Published:2018-06-28 10:11 | Updated:2018-06-28 10:13
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